Nominations and Elections


This page provides information and forms for nominations and elections at the 2018 Synod.

Here is the  2018 Nominations Booklet prepared by the Nominations Committee.  Any updates or changes will be provided to delegates at the beginning of Synod.

Nominations from the Floor at Synod
The Nominations Committee is no longer receiving recommendations for nomination.  Delegates have the privilege of making nominations from the floor following these guidelines:

Nominations from the floor of Synod for all positions listed (except PEC President) will be taken on Thursday, April 19.  All candidates must complete a candidate information form and provide a recent photograph.  If a delegate wishes to nominate a person, they should have their permission beforehand their respective Candidate Information Form, and candidate photo ready to submit at Synod.

Information about the boards and agencies may be found in the Committee and Board Election Booklet

The 2018 Synod will be electing individuals to serve in various leadership positions in our Province during 2018-2022:

  • Board of Directors, Board of World Mission – 2 board positions
  • Board of Directors, Mission Society – 12 board positions
  • Board of Trustees, Moravian Theological Seminary – 2 board positions
  • Board of Trustees, Salem Academy and College – 5 board positions
  • Board of Directors, Salemtowne – 4 board positions
  • Provincial Elders’ Conference* – 3 clergy positions, 3 layperson positions
  • Provincial Women’s Board – 10 board positions

*One PEC President will be elected at Synod by ecclesiastical ballot without nomination.