Proposals to Synod

This page provides information about Proposals and Memoranda to the 2018 Synod, and how members of the Southern Province can submit these to Synod.

Proposals to Synod
All actions or decisions proposed to Synod, whether by individuals, groups, agencies or others will be called a ‘Proposal to Synod.” If or when the Synod approves a Proposal, it will then become a “Resolution of Synod”.

Who May Write a Proposal?
Any individual Moravian, agency, or board who has a prayerful concern or idea may submit a Proposal to synod. The PEC Office will accept Proposals to be distributed before synod until February 22, 2018. Synod delegates will receive all known Proposals approximately 30 days before synod convenes. Proposals received after February 22 will go to the Steering Committee and be assigned to Committees and distributed to all delegates at synod.

Here is a link to further information about  How to Write a Proposal to Synod.

In addition to formal Proposals, any individual Moravian, board or agency may also submit a Memorandum to synod. This is especially appropriate if what is shared does not require formal legislative action by synod, but is an idea, suggestion or concern that the author wishes to be included in the conversation at synod.

Memoranda will be received as information, but not formally voted or acted upon by committees and groups at Synod, or on the floor of Synod.

Here is a link to further information about How to Write a Memorandum to Synod.