Video Series

The Resolution 12 Steering Committee has prepared a multi-part study/conversation guide for congregations and groups.  Each video lasts about 25 to 30 minutes, and is accompanied by questions for discussion.  The final session focuses on questions for conversation.

We have provided a Leaders Guide for the series.

  • Session 1 is an introduction to the work of the steering committee thus far, the purpose of talking about and studying homosexuality in the church, the risks and benefits of doing so, and some guidelines as to how we might do so gracefully and effectively.
  • PDF Discussion Guide Session 1

  • Session 2 explores the theological aspects. What does this conversation, this topic, teach us about who God is? How do people discern what the Holy Spirit is teaching us as individuals, especially with regard to Holy Scripture? Can I learn something from a brother or sister who discerns a different leading from the Holy Spirit than I do? How can we as a body learn what the Spirit wants us to hear? And so, what do we learn about our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, and about our role in the church?
  • PDF Discussion Guide Session 2

    • Session 3 considers the pastoral aspects. How do we as Moravians maintain close relationships of brotherly and sisterly love and care with others who think so very differently from ourselves on a question that sparks such passionate responses on all sides? How do we offer Christian care, and how do we receive Christian care, from someone who doesn’t see it the same way I do? In other words, how do I continue to love and work with someone I think is wrong?
    • PDF Discussion Guide Session 3

    • Session 4 explores the biblical aspects. In this video, you’ll hear Moravians discuss several scriptural texts most often cited in regard to homosexuality. You’ll hear diverse interpretations and have a chance to explore your own.
    • PDF Discussion Guide Session 4

  • Your discussion group may want to have a final session to provide opportunity to review what you have learned and where we, as belonging to the Body of Christ in the Moravian Church, go from here as we seek to serve Christ together in the world.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017 a reporting forum and the last of a series of prayer services was held at Friedland Moravian Church.  Here is a video of the forum: